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Fairfield County Disabilities and Special Needs Board is proud to announce the BI-LO Holdings Foundation is investing $10,000.00 to assist all individuals with Autism, Intellectual Disabilities and Related Disabilities: head injuries and spinal cord injuries or similar disabilities in meeting their needs and in achieving their goals using principles which are person-centered, allow choice, ensure efficiency and accountability, are practical, and produce results.  The funds provided by the BI-LO Holdings Foundation will benefit those with disabilities by providing more workshop and day services, extending services to 22 students with disabilities, and moving all services to one location.

About the BI-LO Holdings Foundation

Established in 1943, the BI-LO Holdings Foundation is a nonprofit organization 501(c) (3) dedicated to making the communities we serve a better place to live.  The BI-LO Holdings Foundation awards grants to organizations that support programs and initiatives helping to foster healthy and thriving communities in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

"Making personal connections with local organizations and giving back to those in need in our communities is the motivating force behind who we are as a company," said Mary Kellmanson, BI-LO Holding's senior vice president of marketing, and president of the BI-LO Holdings Foundation.   "BI-LO Holdings is honored to dedicate time, resources and funds to benefit our customers, neighbors, friends and family.  We are thankful that we are able to develop and grow partnerships with these organizations and help them improve the lives of our neighbors."

Fairfield County Disabilities and Special Needs Board would also like to thank the customers who also support our efforts. 

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